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Interviews with remarkable people


Extraordinary documentary filmmaker and producer, Jon Alpert (Baghdad ER)

talks about his work and the challenges he faces when starting a project.


As a journalist, I have been fortunate to do a work I was passionate about and meet some extraordinary people along the way.
I have met internationally acclaimed artists whose work inspired me and taught me how to look at the world a little differently.
As a cultural journalist I have always felt as my duty to discover emerging artists and tell the world about them. Mainly, though, I am interested in those individuals that try to change the world, through their art.
Covering festivals is not an easy job. It is actually exhausting but it is also fun and exciting and very fulfilling. There is a special energy that flows around a festival that you cannot feel elsewhere.
It is as if you step on a parallel universe where everything revolves around cinema, music, theater, dance.
And that is why I feel in my element!

Personal projects

Together with the Storygraphes team, we organized the 3rd Storycode Conference on the subject of Journalism and VR.

Four professionals from game design to 360° TV features and industrial applications, discuss the evolution of journalism with the new technological advances. 

Over the years, I have created a series of short videos as well as multimedia project Love Addicts that was part of the Athens Video Art festival. Take a peek at the trailer!

As a communicator and an expat living in the south of France, I wanted to show a more contemporary view of the Greek art scene. Greetings from Greece was

a two-day event that showcased the works of various contemporary Greek artists living and creating during a time of crisis.   

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